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A new approach to two stroke engines.

Emissions output and efficiency should never come at the cost of performance. Our engineers are passionate about advancing two stroke engine technology and found a way to enhance performance while drastically reducing emissions. It’s called REVolution® Technology. Every aspect of our new engine is engineered to maximize efficiency: from improving trapping and thermal efficiency, to reducing weight. Offering impressive low emissions meeting or exceeding EPA requirements for off-road applications. Without compromising performance. REVolution® Technology is just one of the ways Strange Development is improving performance while make the world we live in cleaner.


Cleaner, More Durable, Efficient Engines

Conventional two stroke engines output unwanted pollutants and are less durable than their four stroke counterparts. So Strange Development engineered a new generation of two stroke engines. By doing a clean sheet redesign, Strange Development’s REVolution engine technology delivers greater efficiency while reducing emissions. Rotary Exhaust Valves combined with forced induction produce higher compression ratios. Simply put, the superior dynamic compression in REVoution engines can squeeze far more energy from every drop of fuel while reducing unwanted emissions.

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