Two startups, Shift Environment and Strange Development, receive funding from Office of Future Mobility and Electrification to test their mobility solutions at two Michigan Technological University facilities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Source: Planet M
Author: Kathleen Achtenberg
Date: October 6, 2020

Also announced today, Michigan-based startup, Strange Development , has received a PlanetM testing grant to test its REVolution® technology at KRC’s Advanced Power Systems Research Center at MTU. Strange Development’s REVolution® technology delivers highly efficient, emissions-compliant, durable, engine systems with high power to weight ratios at a lower manufacturing cost critical to applications sensitive weight such as drones, EV range extenders, portable generators, powersports equipment, and maritime vessels.

“Michigan has had a rich history of being a leader and hub for innovative propulsion system technology and we at Strange Development are excited to continue that innovation with the partnership established with both PlanetM and MTU,” said John Krzeminski, founder and CEO of Strange Development. “Our goal at Strange Development is to develop innovative solutions to complex problems positively impacting the world that we live in and we are fortunate to partner with organizations that share our vision.”